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I am a felt-maker & textile artist, living in Sweden and working with nature materials. In my art I like to shape & arrange the feeling & experience that I find in the barren Nordic nature; its harsh beauty and the affluence of impressions that you get from it. I would like to make it possible to wrap oneself in a stone or a tree and feel the safety and security in a warm embrace... even when feeling lonely.
The Scandinavian epos and lore that have been my inspiration for a long time felts together in a natural way with textile techniques from all over the world. This as an inspiration for a new story and maybe also a new possible interpretation of the material.its form, means and meaning.
I make things for everyday use, with a touch of fairy-tale within every product. I love to convey the feeling of being well-grounded, roots to keep tight to what is loved most – the feelings that you get when being embraced by natures deep and beauty.
In my felt-art I mostly use wool from Swedish sheep and alpacas, but I also use other kinds of wool from controlled origin. When using fabric for nunofelting I choose primarily reused/redeployed fabric. I dye the textile either with biodegradable acid-dyes or with plants from my own garden and surroundings.
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- founder -
Vera Frederiksen Zhotkevich
- education & diploma -
- 2007-2008 Bäckedal folk highschool, the textile line/thread possibilities (Sweden)

- 2000-2002 Pre-examination for PhD student work. 2 years of research in ancient time’s textile production and costume history (history of art)

St. Petersburg's State Educational University (Russia)
- 1995-2000; St. Petersburg State Educational University, Faculty of Art Studies. Master’s degree in decorative art (degree year 2000)

- awards & nominations -
- 2015; Karlskrona Municipality Culture stipendium 2015
- 2013; IFA Nybyggarpris Award (Sweden)
- upcoming events -
 - August 2017 - Feltro é Tessitura, Fucina dei Mestieri, Cavareno (Italy)