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Amiralitetstorget 8B
37131 Karlskrona
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Amiralitetstorget 8B
37131 Karlskrona

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Irina Novokrescionova
- Visual Art -
- (Painting / Installation / Restauration) -

In the early 1990s, the Swedish city Karlskrona established relations with the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda. As part of the cultural contacts which were then established between the cities, a group of artists was invited to visit Karlskrona - I was one of them. The contacts became well-established. Nowadays I live with my family on Björkholmen in Karlskrona.


Ever since graduating from the Royal Academy of St. Petersburg in 1987, I have worked as an artist. During the past years I did separate exhibitions in Lithuania, Hungary, Denmark and Sweden, and have been invited to attend exhibitions in Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine, Norway, Holland and Finland. One of my paintings is published as a stamp in China.


I am also a member of the Swedish Artist Association KRO and the Lithuanian Artist Association. In addition to my artistic creation, I keep courses in painting - primarily watercolor painting. I have worked as an art teacher for Litorina Folk High School, Medborgarskolan and Folk University. Furthermore, I teach popular watercolor courses in Kristianopel during the summer and I undertake restoration work of older oil paintings.

- founder -
Irina Novokrescionova
- education & diploma -
1987 Master in Visual Arts
Royal Academy of Fine Arts St. Petersburg (Russia)
- awards & nominations -
- 2001; Scholarship Karlskrona Municipality Culture Committee (Sweden)
- 2003; Scholarship Kunststation Kleinsassen, Fulda (Germany)
- upcoming events -
- Installation in Kristianopel (Sweden), july 29th - aug. 7th 2017
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